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Hope Giver

I'm a specialize in Hope. I help the hopeless by sharing my testimony and resource book shop. I'm just a girl that grew up on the west side of Chicago who never gave up and lived through all obstacles that can my way by the grace of God. I grow daily and I lead by example. My foundation is my faith in God.

My Mission

Live life above Mediocrity. I provide practical tools to help you on your journey to living a life of purpose. Through my own testimony, podcast, and books, I provide a piece of a puzzle to give you hope and add value to your life.

What I Do?

I provide a resource shop to help in different areas of your life. I'm write spoken word on my blog and I am a podcaster that shares different experiences in Parenthood, Relationships and Health. My t-shirt line aims to remind those facing difficult times to remember their faith.